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Nova Scotia

The forest products industry plays an important role in Nova Scotia’s economy, accounting for significant economic activity and employment. A long term, sustainable wood supply will provide resource stability for a successful forestry sector and ensure that these economic benefits are maintained for present and future generations.

In Nova Scotia, the Department of Environment enforces operational conditions for herbicide use for forest management purposes. These include:  

• The use of detailed GIS technology to plot treatment sites

• Buffer zones around private land and watercourses

• Certification and training for applicators

• Mandatory public notifications for application over 200 hectares

• Notification of all residents and dwelling owners within 500 metres of application

• A map of proposed Crown land herbicide parcels, available upon request

• Signs outlining treatment details and timelines posted at all access points and stickered to indicate when application is complete

The regulations governing the use of all herbicides are set by the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA), an arm of Health Canada that completes periodic reviews of the scientific research about forestry chemicals. With this information, PMRA officials have the authority to update the regulations and label instructions for any product to ensure that the best possible science is used to manage Canada’s forests.