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Vegetation Management in New Brunswick

New Brunswick has forestry in its roots.

For thousands of years, New Brunswick’s forests have provided a habitat for wildlife along with a wealth of economic, recreational and spiritual value for those who call this province home. In fact, the trade of lumber and other wood products that has taken place since the early 1800’s and remains one of provincial economy’s largest sectors.

Drawing on this history, New Brunswick continues to be a national leader in responsible forest renewal and management.

The forestry sector employs more than 22,000 people (both directly and indirectly). This has led to an annual trade balance of over 1 billion dollars, driving the New Brunswick natural resource economy.

To ensure New Brunswick’s forests are used sustainably, the forestry industry relies on the collaborative work of scientists, government and industry to research and implement the best available practices. This ensures the long-term sustainability of our shared forest resources. By finding this careful balance we remain competitive in today’s challenging economy, while maintaining the long-term integrity of our forests.

By maintaining a responsible balance of renewal, harvest and regeneration, the goal is to keep New Brunswick’s forests healthy and productive for generations to come.

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