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Why have other jurisdictions limited herbicide use?

Category: Herbicide Operations

All provinces support the Health Canada assessment that the herbicide glyphosate is safe. Quebec has decided to limit the use of herbicides, such as glyphosate, on Crown Land, while Nova Scotia has decided to stop provincial funding for herbicide treatments. Neither province has banned the use of glyphosate on private land, agricultural land, or in the industrial sector.

Many provinces continue to support the expert scientific assessment of Health Canada in registering products in Canada. When Health Canada registers a product for use in Canada, it is considered to be safe for use with no significant impact to human health or the environment when used according to label directions.

Some Provinces have unilaterally made decisions to limit herbicide on publicly owned property in the forestry sector. Provinces such as Quebec have limited its use on Crown Land while the Nova Scotia Government has chosen to stop funding herbicide treatments but not limit its use. These jurisdictions still permit glyphosate use on private land, all agriculture areas and industrial sectors.