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Who decides whether a product is safe or not?

Category: Health

Health Canada has the legal authority to review, register, and regulate pesticide products in Canada. Every pesticide is assessed for potential risks to human health and the environment against a series of internationally recognized scientific studies.

The Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA), a branch of Health Canada, is Canada’s federal pesticide regulator with legal authority to review, register and regulate pesticide products (PMRA, 2015)before the pesticide product is registered- that under typical conditions of use, the proposed product will not cause adverse health effects in humans or the environment. This precautionary approach of demonstrating the safety of the proposed pesticide productbeforebeing allowed for use in Canada supports the PMRA’s mandate that only those products, which satisfy the PMRA’s threshold of “reasonable certainty of no harm”, are registered for use in Canada. In addition, provincial and municipal regulations may impose further restrictions on how and where a pesticide product may be applied within their jurisdiction.

In April 2015, the PMRA released their latest review of glyphosate and declared that the weight of evidence indicates that glyphosate does not present unacceptable risk to human health. The full PMRA glyphosate review can be found here or please visit here for a summary version of the full PMRA review.

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