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It would seem that mixers, loaders and applicators of pesticides seem to be at greater risk than the general population. Is this correct?

Category: Health

The Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PRMA) has conducted a thorough risk and hazard assessment for individuals who work handling glyphosate (mixers, loaders and applicators). It concluded that when handled correctly, according to all safety precautions, there is no concern for the health of these individuals. These studies also included individuals who work in the forest following application of glyphosate.

The PMRA has carried out a detailed hazard and risk assessment for those individuals who may be occupationally exposed during mixing, loading and application of glyphosate (PMRA, 2015). The PMRA has concluded that risks to glyphosate handlers are not of concern for all use scenarios. The PMRA has noted that based on their recent assessment of precautions and directions for use on the original product labels, risk estimates associated with mixing, loading and applying activities are

not of concern. The PMRA also considered post-application occupational risks to workers who may be exposed when entering treated sites in agriculture. The PMRA concluded that based on their assessment of use patterns for agricultural scenarios, post-application risks to workers performing activities are not of concern. The PMRA may set re-entry intervals (REI) to protect workers who must re-enter treated areas. REIs are established to protect the most sensitive sub set of the population who could be exposed when re-entering a treated area and are therefore precautionary in nature. The PMRA has proposed a REI of 12 hours for glyphosate in agricultural sites.

In April 2015, the PMRA released their latest review of glyphosate and declared that the weight of evidence indicates that glyphosate does not present unacceptable risk to human health. The full PMRA glyphosate review can be found here or please visit here for a summary version of the full PMRA review.

PMRA. PMRA Proposed Re-evaluation Decision PRVD2015-01A. April 13, 2015