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Who decides where herbicide treatments can take place every year? How do I find out more information on where aerial application will occur?

Category: Herbicide Operations

It depends on the province. In New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, these plans must be submitted to the Department of Environment and Local Government (DELG) and the Nova Scotia Environment and Labour (NSEL) to be reviewed as part of the permitting process. On NB Crown land herbicide plans are also reviewed by the Department of Natural Resources staff to ensure they meet regulatory requirements and policies.

In NB, a map of proposed Crown Land herbicide blocks is available on the geoNB website ( and is updated each year by the beginning of August. The map is also part of the public notices that are published every year in major NB newspapers prior to the commencement of the herbicide application season. Signs outlining treatment details and timelines are also posted at access points to all blocks that will be treated.

Provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Alberta and Ontario all utilize similar methods to ensure that herbicide applications are made by professionals with due consideration for environmental and human safety.