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What about herbicide spray drift – will it reach residences and water supplies?

Category: Health

Federal and provincial regulatory agencies use a number of regulations to ensure off-target drift is minimized in every spray operation. This includes the creation of pesticide free zones (PFZ), buffer zones (BZ) and post application monitoring programs to make sure off-target drift does not occur.

Federal and provincial pesticide use regulations specify how pesticide products are to be applied to minimize the likelihood of off-target drift and inadvertent exposure. Regulations may also impose pesticide free zones (PFZ) and buffer zones (BZ) to further reduce the likelihood of unintended off-target drift. To ensure that PFZs and BZs are observed, post application monitoring programs are carried out to assess the effectiveness of regulations. Thus, when pesticides are applied in accordance with labeled use restrictions, off-target drift is expected to be minimal, if at all, and not expected to pose a risk to human health or the environment (PMRA, 2015).

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